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Lex van Someren



CD Rhythm on Fire

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World music for the dance floor with mystical and shamanic depth, featuring the magical voices of Lex van Someren and Enkh Jargal. This is a highly versatile album with contemporary arrangements, creating a harmonious blend of various music styles and instruments with influences from Mongolian, Celtic, Oriental, African, Native-American and Caribbean music and presenting the O-Daiko drum from Japan. This music evokes pure joy of life and invites you to dream and dance.

Track Listing:
1 Rhythm on Fire [08:05]
2 Moongroove [06:21]
3 Gaia Walk [06:27]
4 Thunder Drum [06:55]
5 Oriental Full Moon [03:21]
6 Oriental Bliss [06:06]
7 Awakening [06:42]
8 Mongolian Horse Ride [08:44]
9 Pari Passu [05:23]
10 0-Daiko Drum Solo [06:07]
11 Morning Raggae [03:55]

Release Date: 23-10-2008

Lex Van Someren internationally known as a visionary performance artist, composer, singer, dancer and clown, who knows how to embody the dimensions of the soul in his art. His work is an expression of the vision he holds to create beauty through sacred performance art, music and rituals which bring transformation, healing, upliftment, inspiration and love to people of all ages and of all walks of life. His way of life as a mystic led him to the spiritual dimensions of music and sound.

By furthering his experience in the magical power of his singing voice and his own compositions he uncovered a unique way to use music as a medium to awaken the soul. His path of sensitivity has permitted him over the years to become an authority of sacred music for our modern times. Lex performs worldwide.

In 2002 he founded the European Academy for New Sacred Arts in Baden-Baden, Germany, and he is the initiator and director of the mystical concert- and stageshow Dream Journey for the Soul (Traumreise fur die Seele).