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Joy is Now features compelling duets and kirtan call-response between GuruGanesha and Snatam Kaur, whose unforgettable voices create a counterpoint of masculine and feminine, strength and sweetness, earth and ether.

GuruGanesha's signature guitar work enters new raag/jazz influenced realms in a sparkling conversation with a diverse ensemble of classical Indian insruments including sitar, sarod, esraj, flute and Indian violin.

Track Listing:

1 Peace Has Begun
2 Hari Om
3 Joy is Now
4 Aad Sach
5 Sat Narayan
6 Guru Ram Das Love Song

Release Date: 21-05-2008

GuruGanesha Singh, was born into a family of music and dance having both a father and mother in show business. At 8 yrs old, he received his first guitar as a gift from his cousin, a studio guitarist on the Ed Sullivan Show, and there his lifelong love affair with music was born. Inheriting boundless energy from his father, GuruGanesha pursued music in college, joining a rock band named Cat’s Cradle that eventually was signed to a record contract with Peer Southern Music. The band toured extensively often opening for big time bands such as The Allman Brothers, Sha Na Na, and Iron Butterfly. He also helped organize bringing the Grateful Dead, his then favorite band, to his college, Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts three times during his time there.

When the rock and roll explosion hit in the 1960’s, GuruGanesha was inspired by bands such as The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. “Jerry Garcia was my first Guru,” GuruGanesha says. “The Grateful Dead gave me my first experience of elevated consciousness through music.”

GuruGanesha, who embraced the Sikh religion at age 22, has practiced yoga and meditation for over 30 years under the guidance of his spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan. In 1972, GuruGanesha took his first, life-changing Kundalini yoga and meditation class at Clark University. As he heard a chant being played on the guitar at the end of the class, tears of joy poured down his cheeks and he felt a deep connection with himself and the universe.

After this profound experience, GuruGanesha transitioned from rock to devotional music and he moved into a yogic community in the Washington DC area. “It was the music that brought me into the community,” GuruGanesha said. Many mornings at 5:00am, GuruGanesha played music and chanted along with members of the community. This daily spiritual practice, sadhana, continues to provide GuruGanesha with an ongoing source of joy and inspiration in his life and music today.

In 1999, GuruGanesha founded Spirit Voyage Music with the goal of finding a way to really spread the music he loved to ever-widening audiences. He worked closely with many of the musicians in the community including Snatam Kaur, Gurudass and Guru Singh. GuruGanesha strongly believes that music has the power to heal the planet and set Spirit Voyage up as a conscious business with the purpose of serving humanity.

GuruGanesha is also founder and CEO of the Sandler Sales Institute of Virginia and is considered to be one of the world’s premier high tech sales training experts with clients that have included Network General, BMC Software, Cognos Corporation.and Computer Associates.

GuruGanesha Singh presently tours the world with Snatam Kaur and Krishan on their Celebrate Peace Tour sponsored by Peace Cereal, delighting audiences with his unmitigated joy and signature guitar work. On tour, he also teaches Prosperity Workshops where he offers his combined experience and learning from the broad spectrum of his professional and spiritual life.